Solo Mach X3 XF Cat Back (3″)


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2014+ Chevy SS 3″ Cat Back Exhaust – Get the best sound out of your Chevy SS! Our 3-inch stainless steel catback is mandrel bent (no kinks) and features an X-pipe and dual chambered-mufflers. The exhaust system exits to quad, mirror-polished tips which are slash-cut, conical construction. Includes all hangers and clamps for easy installation. Fits to factory connection point flanges behind the catalytic converters.

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Purchase and earn 1188-1452 SSOnly Points worth $11.88-$14.52! *Must be logged in.
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It uses Solo’s 3″ 14” Mach Muffler and J-pipes, stainless steel polished muffler (inside and out) and polished stainless steel staggered dual exhaust tips. mandrel bent exhaust pipe.

1-10 scale… 1 being stock quiet and 10 being rockin’ noisy

Overall note outside cabin is a 8+
Overall inside cabin exhaust note 5

The SS Mach 3″ exhaust kit has a meaner sound compared to the 2.5″ kit. While the SS 2.5″ kit has a tasteful exhaust note the 3″ exhaust kit has it all! The exhaust note throughout the spectrum never even hints at raspy or ricey only a deep, full, smooth and mean sound would characterize the exhaust note outside the cabin. Inside the cabin it remains refined and tasteful.

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