King Springs

King Springs Ultra Low Spring Kit (Set of 4 Springs)

  • Progressive rate tapered springs offer superb ride comfort
  • Increased drivability and enhanced road control
  • Works with Mag-Ride

*HD = Heavy Duty, stiffer spring, ideal for drag racing
**Please allow 10-15 business days for processing



  • Lowers Front KHFS-151: ~0 in
  • Lowers Rear KHRS-152: ~0 in


  • Raises Front KHFS-150: ~.78 in
  • Raises Rear KHRR-152: ~1.37 in


  • Lowers Front KHFL-151: ~.9 in
  • Lowers Rear KHRL-152SL: ~1 in


  • Lowers Front KHFL-151SL: ~1.2 in
  • Lowers Rear KHRL-152SSL: ~1.3 in


  • Lowers Front KHFL-151SSL: ~1.5 in
  • Lowers Rear KHRL-152SSSL: ~1.6 in


Purchase and earn 187-331 SSOnly Points worth $1.87-$3.31! *Must be logged in.
Purchase and earn 187-331 SSOnly Points worth $1.87-$3.31! *Must be logged in.
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Kings Springs exclusively use high quality, high stress X5K spring steel.

This new generation steel allows King Springs to further improve many of their existing designs by reducing the amount of steel required in a spring, making it substantially lighter (by approximately 30%) and reducing the solid height therefore increasing travel. Being of particular benefit at all top levels of Motorsport, this new high stress material was introduced to the leading v8 super car teams (inc HRT, FPR & HSV) in early 2007 giving a hugely successful endorsement of its characteristics & proven durability.

Front Springs

Lowered, KHFL-151: ~.9 in, Super Low, KHFL-151SL: ~1.2 in, Ultra Low, KHFL-151SSL: ~1.5 in, Ultra Low V2 – KHFL-150SSSL: ~1.6 in, Standard Height, KHFS-151: ~0 in, Raised Height, KHFS-150: ~.78 in, None

Rear Springs

Lowered, KHRL-152SL: ~1 in, Lowered HDKHRL-152SLHD: ~1 in, Super Low, KHRL-152SSL: ~1.3 in, Super Low HD, KHRL-152SSLHD: ~1.3 in, Ultra Low, KHRL-152SSSL: ~1.6 in, Standard Height, KHRS-152: ~0 in, Raised Height, KHRR-152: ~1.37 in, None


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