VooDoo Chicken Carrier Bearing

  • VDC Red-30a Poly Carrier Unit with a top quality Japanese NACHI C3 bearing that exceeds OEM specifications.
  • Three Page Instruction Set (PDF Download ONLY)
  • VooDooChikin Decal with UV protection layer.


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This all new designed Kerbid.com VDC Polyurethane Carrier Bearing for the Pontiac G8 is a perfect replacement for any power level.  We have created a brand new unit utilizing  30Shore-A durometer polyurethane, an engineered functional design, integral snap-ring retainer, and increased width with tapered sides to get the most performance from the unit.  These new carriers maintain excellent alignment of the driveshaft under light to medium loads as well as increased deflection resistance under heavy load, while keeping maximum ride quality.  This redesigned unit incorporates a stronger bond via the grooved shouldered steel core and superior wear resistance by nature of manufacture.  This setup  has been designed and proven to allow any mechanic or enthusiast at home the ability to successfully replace and install our renowned VooDooChikin Polyurethane Carrier Bearing unit onto the OEM Pontiac G8 driveshaft.


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