Super Pro, Rear Upper Control Arm Outer Bushing Kit (Replaces Hyme Joint)

Control arm bushings form the vital pivot and link between all core suspension components.

Worn bushings allow significant deflection and movement leading to slower reponses, a sloppy drive, irregular and excessive tire wear and diminish every facet of the way your vehicle drives.

The wear is accelerated and the impact of worn bushings is even greater in upgraded trucks and SUVs where the higher weight and impact of items like larger wheels and tires all work the bushings harder.

SuperPro’s polyurethane bushings are the culmination of nearly 5 decades of suspension expertise and development in Australia’s harshest terrain.

Designed with durability as a paramount feature we also bring ride and passenger comfort to the forefront of our development.  Your vehicle should treat you as well on the way to and from the trail as it performs on your adventure.

Our designs and material compositions retain OEM levels of noise and harshness isolation while delivering superior performance and road manners in all conditions.

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SuperPro is the leading aftermarket suspension bushing manufacturer with 40+ years of experience. SuperPro has a competitive edge over all aftermarket bushing brands with our products being developed, tested and designed in Australia, ensuring greater quality during the manufacturing and engineering process with the ability to develop advanced bushing designs. SuperPro bushings offer greater quality and reliability through their unique materials, made from a proprietary polyurethane mix which has been thoroughly tested and refined over 40+ years to suit Australia’s harsh conditions. Our innovative bushings have been produced with the input of highly skilled suspension technicians and engineers, ensuring the best quality and evaluation in product development.

SuperPro polyurethane bushings provide various benefits including corrected or maintained steering geometry, better handling, increased safety, improved tyre wear, improved fuel efficiency and enhanced performance. Quality and excellence are ensured through an experienced and dedicated engineering team at SuperPro.


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