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BTR offers a variety of turbo cams from single turbo setups to twin turbo.


Stage II –

Specs: 226/231 .610″/.608″ 113+4

The most versatile turbo camshaft on the market today. The stage 2 has been proven to be an excellent camshaft choice for cathedral port headed 5.3’s and 6.0’s utilizing a wide range of different turbos.  It works well with units as small as a Precision 7275, and as big as the 88mm S400’s from Borg warner. This camshaft is often imitated but never duplicated. Lobe selection and cam events have been custom tailored after years of use in the real world. These units move some serious air!!

Stage III –

230/235 .616″/.614″ 114+4

Great For Sqaure Port Cylinder Heads.

Often Imitated – NEVER Duplicated!

When you pull up in the staging lanes and want to turn conversation into confrontation, you better have the BTR Stage 3 turbo cam making your valves talk! This cam is one of the most historically victorious camshafts in our turbo offerings. It has seen Drag Week, KOTS, Lights Out, No Mercy, and a myriad of other highly competitive enviornments, all while being a shelf offering. It offers cam events that will give the end user a bit more RPM range than the Stage 2 grind can offer. Do you have a lightweight setup with a powerglide + 5.3/6.0 that’s being pressurized by an S400 (or similar size) turbocharger? If so, this cam will have you lighting win lamps quicker than you can say “BTR Sasquatch banner.”

Stage IV –

234/239 .618″/.617″ 115+5

Great For Square Port Cylinder Heads

The Stage 4 Turbo cam has earned a reputation in hundreds of stock stroke applications. If you have a ~408″ bottom end spinning it in the 6400-6800rpm range, this is also a very good fit. Paired to an S400 frame (or similar size) this camshaft will help you move some serious air. We’ve had many imitations pop up since we first debuted the turbo grind lineup, but they can’t duplicate the absolute durability these lobes provide. Regarded as the BIG STICK of our turbo cam lineup, the Stage 4 is here to party. Get on the train or get off the tracks!


Stage II –

226/235 .610″/.614″ 114+5

The Stage 2 Twin Turbo Cam is the one you want to go with when you have a 6.0 or a 6.2 with 58-65mm turbos. Idle will be relatively mild, but more aggressive than stock. This is a cam that is just as comfortable delivering you to work as it is pushing you down the 1320 and turning on that win light.

Stage III –

231/243 .618″/.617″ 115+5

Our Twin Turbo camshaft lineup features an option for every level of your twin turbo experience. Unlike its smaller brethren, the Stage 3 twin turbo camshaft is geared towards the drag strip specific crowd. Larger twin turbos (minimum 66mm) paired with a 6.0+ combination will easily breech four digit horsepower territory with good fuel and tuning. If you’re running 58-65mm turbochargers, stepping down to the Stage 2 TT cam is a better option.

Turbo Setup

Single, Twin Turbo




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