SSOnly Ultimate Cam Swap Kit w/BTR Stage II Cam – As Reviewed by Erik B.

We love getting detailed reviews of our parts and kits from our customers. Today, Erik B. posted up a great review of SSOnly Cam Swap Kit w/BTR Stage II N/A Cam.
Make sure you make it to the bottom to see and hear this setup in action 🙂 

“Ok, I promised I’d give a review of the BTR stage 2 N/A cam for my 2015 manual trans SS so here goes. I can’t find my old dyno sheets at the moment but the car baselined at 370 whp stock. After the headers, X-pipe, cold air, and tune it jumped to 405 whp and 415 wtq. After a couple months I send the car back to the same shop, same dyno, same tuner with a full BTR stage 2 kit (springs, pushrods, oil pump, etc). My tuner was rushed for time getting the car back to me and had to dyno the car fairly heat soaked. It was pulling timing due to spark knock and AIT’s being really high. He recommended TR6 plugs and a 160 degree thermostat along with pulling the intake manifold cover off. Did that and brought the car back for one final dyno pull and some touch up drivability stuff.

The car made 449.7 horsepower and 440.5 ft-lbs to the wheels. Very flat torque curve and linear climb in horsepower until it peaks at 6100. I really couldn’t ask for more from this cam set up. It has a pretty aggressive sounding idle. Despite being a fairly mild cam, it shakes the car and has a very distinct “rah-rah-rah” to it. Anyone who knows anything about cars will know you have a bigger cam. My stock 2015 mufflers do a great job of making it very livable and not being obnoxious loud. I daily the car and it has very very good street manners. 6th gear, 45 mph, and it drives smooth. There’s a hint of surge here and there when stuck in traffic but it’s nothing major. Unless you’re **extremely** picky, you could easily daily drive the set up like I do. Gas mileage took a hit driving through town but on the highway it’s about as good or slightly better than before the cam. On a road trip you could reasonably expect mid-20’s. Upgraded oil pump only dropped 1 or 2 psi at the very top of the rev range.

Bottom line: it makes awesome street power, drives 90-95% like stock, and sounds kick ass at idle. I would 100% recommend this set up to anyone looking to make solid power on a budget while still retaining good street manners for a daily. Joe LaBruzza got me all of my stuff with lightening fast shipping. Any questions and I’ll do my best to answer. Thanks guys.”

Pre-Cam Swap & Stock:
-370 whp

Pre-Cam Swap + Header, X-Pipe, CAI & Tune:
-405 whp
-415 wtq

Post-Cam Swap – Same Mods + TR6 Plugs & 160* TStat:
-449.7 whp
-440.5 wtq

Increase of:
-44.7 whp
-25.5 wtq

Dyno Video:

Idle Video: