PNR Intercooler/Ice Tank

Ice/intercooler tank for the trunk of the Chevy SS. Pick your pump, install kit and go.

Intercooler tanks for the SS. These tanks come in 5, 7 and 8 gallon sizes with the option to add either an internal or external pump.

Each internal intercooler pump has the LPH claimed flow in a unrestrictive setup.

EMP 4600dfs and Davies craig 150 are the two external pumps we used with great success.  The EMP 4600 will flow about 2x more coolant than the DC150, and about 3-4x more than the Rule 2000. The faster you can get that ice water or coolant pass that intercooler the more heat it will pull out.

*approx. 4-6 week turn around


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Purchase and earn 325-375 SSOnly Points worth $3.25-$3.75! *Must be logged in.
Purchase and earn 325-375 SSOnly Points worth $3.25-$3.75! *Must be logged in.
Intercooler tanks for the Chevy SS ice tanks. These come in  7, 8, 10 and 12 gallon intercooler tanks with the option to add an internal or external pump.
Rule 2000 and Rule 3700 Internal pumps are available for each tank. Each internal pump has the liter per hour claimed flow in a unrestrictive setup. 
Rule 2000 is the most popular.
The install kits work with the factory supercharger and upgraded superchargers.
Each install kit will come with two choice of fittings of your choice, (12an and 3/4″ work with the factory and aftermarket superchargers. 12AN is a fancy version of the 3/4″. The 1″ and 16AN is usually for turbo and centrifugal supercharged, or modified intercoolers.) 50 feet of safety insulated heat hose that is made for this purpose, nylon clamps, insulated straps to hang hose, relay and inline fuse for all pumps, a brass ball valve and drain setup, stainless hardware for everything.


We have a few different caps to choose from under the options. First is our 6″ standard black and clear cap that is nice because it allows you to see the coolant flow. Next is the Xlarge version of that cap with a 8″ opening that allows you to see through. These caps are nice, but they dont hold well to antifreeze well. Some last a year before cracking and others last multiple years. We carry both of these caps in a solid black textured pattern that hold up to anything and wont crack.

Next is our black and red ring with clear center. The clear center on these caps are made of a better material that holds up to the antifreeze. We have never heard of the clear center cracking on these. These caps are one of our best sealers and do not leak. We use a custom cut gasket on these to make a great seal.

Black hinged cam lock cap is a good option for race cars. They make it easy to add ice. They have a nice gasket on them as well, but will leak past the oring if filled too high.

Billet black aluminum cap. This is our best and nicest cap we have. We tried about four different types of billet aluminum caps and the ones we carry are the best by far. We do also have a custom gasket cut for these as well. These do not leak also.

Tank Size

5 Gallon (Flush Fit), 7 Gallon (Flush Fit), 8 Gallon


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