Granatelli Motorsports High Performance Coil Packs 85K (Set of 8)


– Works with LS2, LS3, LS7, LS9, LSA, L92, L99, and L76’s

– Direct OEM replacement with a simple plug and play, won’t void your factory warranty

– Improves fuel economy, throttle response, and idle characteristics.

– Increased engine efficiency with improved engine combustion

– Gains of up to 12hp have been seen with these coils over stock.  Average gain with no other changes is 6 to 8hp on an otherwise stock vehicle.  Gains of up to 18hp have been experienced on heavily modified forced induction applications.

– Rated at 85K Volts, Malevolent coil packs offer nearly twice the voltage over the competition.


Earn up to 738 SSOnly Points.