Firstly, we would like to take the opportunity to let you know how much we appreciate your business and loyalty. We understand how these changes may seem inconvenient to some, but in a continued effort to keep our customers happy and provide top notch customer service at affordable prices—some changes needed to be made and we hope and trust that you will understand. We are also hopeful that these changes will just be temporary as we diligently seek other ways to protect ourselves from the ever-growing threat of fraudulent charges.

If you are shopping for parts from the state of California, you might notice some changes when checking out. Please take the time to read the information below, explaining what these changes are and why they were implemented.

Credit Card Payment is Not Available

With online credit card fraud at an all-time high. We are, unfortunately, not exempt from feeling its sting. We have seen a very large influx of fraudulent orders coming in from specific areas around the country, with over 90% of these charges originating in California. We know that the vast majority of our customers in CA are law abiding citizens and we love and appreciate them all.

Typically we catch most all of these fraudulent orders before they even ship. But often when we catch them and do a refund/cancellation right away, the card owner can (and usually does) dispute the charges. When this happens, it puts a negative mark on our Processing report. These marks can accumulate to the point that our processor can drastically increase our fees, or even worse, drop us all together. 

But even when that is not the case, it creates a ton of work for us to track these orders down and fight them out with the banks in an effort to be made whole again monetarily. In addition to this concern, we also lose products and revenue on the fraudulent orders that actually make it out the door.

New eCheck Option is Available

We have been able to keep several payment methods available for CA.

  1. Affirm – Online instant financing, with payment plan options.
  2. eCheck – Payment sent directly through your bank account. You will need to know your Bank Account Number as well as your Routing Number to utilize this option.
  3. PayTomorrow – Online instant financing, with payment plan options.
  4. Paypal, Venmo, Pay Later – Payment options available from valid PayPal accounts.

Other Security Measures Taken

We have implemented several back-end features that will give each order a “Risk Rating.” Any orders that come in with a High Risk rating will need to be verified via additional steps. Some of the triggers for this system are: different billing and shipping information, mismatched phone area codes for the billing and/or delivery area, etc. 

In addition to the risk analysis, any order that comes in will need to be shipped to the verified billing address only. We can no longer ship to your builder, your friend, family, etc. unless personally authorized by our staff.

PayPal: If you pay via your PayPal account, we will only ship to your verified address in PayPal. 

Affirm & PayTomorrow: If you check-out using either of these payment processors, we will only ship to the addresses you used when you applied for the financing.

eCheck: If you pay via eCheck, we will only ship to the verified address used when processing your order, unless personally authorized by our staff.