By submitting your photo, you acknowledge that you alone solely own the rights to the photo submitted. You are allowing G8Only Corp to use said photo in perpetuity, without compensation in print and web media including, but not limited to: advertising, print media, calendars, etc.

This also relieves G8Only Corp from any legal recourse by others with claims to said photo. G8Only Corp operates under the assumption that any and all photographer releases have been satisfied by the submitter prior to submission. G8Only Corp is not and can not be held liable for any damages, suits or accusations of IP theft. Any and all liability of such falls on the submitter. 

In the past, we have received some really great photos, that unfortunately, we not print quality. So, while we would’ve loved to use them, it was simply impossible due to quality restrictions. We ask that ALL photos submitted are at least 12in x 12in in size at 300DPI — If you do not know how to check this, that is fine, please submit the very BEST version of your photo you have. If it is a cell phone picture, please do not reduce size, send us the largest version possible. If it is a professional photo, or one taken with a professional camera, you can send us the largest version, even the RAW photo will work. 

Any photos that are not of print quality will be automatically omitted from being featured for a full month spot. BUT, we will have several areas, as well as full pages, dedicated to photos that your picture may still appear in.